About me

Hi, I´m Inés. I’m a UI/UX, Web and Graphic Designer.

Ever since I started my Masters degree in Advertising & Public Relations back in 2004, I´ve been fascinated by how organisations and users interact with one another. Much of what I learnt in my degree gave me a really good scientific grounding in how to research users to know what they want; however, as my studies progressed I became much more interested in how users interact with products and services (their interactions, their behaviours and their perceptions), rather than the psychology behind encouraging sales.

I´ve always been a bit of a self-confessed geek, so after finishing University it felt like a natural career choice to work in Spain´s IT sector in web and graphic design. Working in a small enterprise, I grew the business by developing and teaching bespoke courses in the evolution of social networks, basic and advanced IT skills (everything from turning on a PC, up to Photoshop or programming!). One of the most enjoyable aspects for me of teaching was observing how my students interacted with the print or Digital material in the courses, and using that to refine them and improve their experience.

Since moving to the UK, I´ve continued to work as a UX/UI designer, creating strong online experiences and visual identities for local firms. It´s very rewarding having such an impact on these organizations, although at times it has been challenging trying to explain the benefits of a very user centric approach to small firms on a tight budget. That´s given me a lot of experience in selling the benefits of user-centric design, and finding ways to get the maximum benefit for users from the smallest of budgets. For further roles though, I´m extremely eager to find an organisation where I can make a wider impact on a large number of users and really improve the way they interact with Digital services.

I´m fully confident and experienced in a variety of tools and techniques like prototyping, creating user personas, card sorting, and heuristic analysis. I´m proficient in a number of modern programming languages like HTML5, PHP and CSS3, and have a working knowledge of others like Javascript, jQuery and Bootstrap.

On a personal level, my biggest passions in life besides Design, are Art and Sociology. I´m constantly falling in love with patterns and representations, and when I´m not working you´ll probably find me drawing, reading or boring my partner to death about typography!